Application areas

Extraction and transportation of oil and gas, gas-distributing systems with working pressure 40 to 90 atmospheres (depending on the diameter).

Priority of choosing MPP in current industrieslies in minimum maintenance costsof such a pipeline in reliance to long run operation


Transportation of acids, alkalies and products rich in salt.

It is well known that polymeric materials are highly resistant to acids and alkalies. Materials, used in MPP production are of no exception, but due to high strength of the pipe itself, transportation of these fluids is possible for larger distances. Transportation of aggressive acids, including hydrofluoric, (for mineral fertilizers production for example) becomes highly effective by applying MPPs.


Artesian wells boring as casing pipes.

Our MPP’s have been mainly designed to be used as casing pipes on uranium deposits. This is why they ideally suit the conditions of artesian wells development.


Pipelines for drinking water transportation, heat supply, canalization and other issues of housing and public utilities.

Depending on the polymer used with particular characteristics, pipeline laying for both – cold and hot water supply, as well as forcemain, becomes possible. Using different polymers makes it possible to construct a cheaper in maintenance and enduring pipeline which is extremely valuable in terms of municipal services of today’s metropolises.


Underground and heap- leaching of nonferrous and rare-earth metals.

Due to high resistance to any aggressive fluids concentration and simplicity of pipe laying, application of MPP enables increase aggressive fluids transportation safety and significantly decreases environment negative impact risks. MPP durability enables repeated usage of a pipeline after deposit depletion.


Mining industry, hydrotransport and pneumatic transport.

MPP’s abrasive resistance is 4 times higher than of a steel pipe. This is why MPP has 4 times higher durability and lower operational expenses. 


Coastline tightening, ports and docs construction, different structures supports.

Salt water transportation, pipelining in saline soil, sea infrastructure. Strength and possibility of filling the inner space with concrete enables MPP application as supports for different constructions under conditions of aggressive external environment. Welded metal carcass which provides MPP with high strength is protected by polymer from all directions. This is why upon saline water contact (both from inside and outside of the pipeline), oxidizing process on carcass is absent and pipe strength remains permanent.