MRPP - a polymeric pipe, reinforced by a rigid steel carcass made of a welded wire. The rigidity of the carcass together with chemical resistance and other exclusive qualities of polyethylene provide a multipurpose use of the MRPP in different industries, including oil, gas, acid, alkali transportation and cold/hot water supply. High abrasive resistance of MRPP makes possible a transportation of aggressive liquids containing mechanical additives.

MRPP provide:

• Steady going pipeline operation in the conditions of moist and aggressive soil

• Minimal requirements to preparation of trenches for lining

• No need in waterproofing or electrochemical protection

Materials used in MRPP production:

• ELTEX polyethylene (by Solvay Polyolefins Europe, Belgium) or Dow Chemical polyethylene

• 3 millimeter steel wire

Polyethylenes used are approved for contact with food products, that’s the reason why MRPP can be used for drinking water pipelines construction.

Steel carcass provides MRPP with a high mechanical rigidity and self-supporting ability. Glossy inner surface and the absence of the material and environment adhesion prevent formation of deposits and provide an increase in the pipeline pass-through capacity by more than 20% relatively to a steel pipeline. Linear extension coefficient is almost equal to that of a steel pipe.

The empirical evidence of MRPP operation proves a high positive economic effect assuming mid-term and long-term periods of operation.


Dimension-types and technical characteristics of MRPP’s Pipe bends, T-like fittings, joint types.


Product Dimensions, mm Specifications Weight, kg/m
Outer diameter Wall thickness Wire diameter Draft-end load, kNt, not less than Hermeticity under constant pressure during 1 hour, not less than Ultimate stress, Mpa, not less than
MPP 95 95 11,0 3,0 6.0 10,5  19,0 6.51
MPP 115 115 11,5 3,0 7,2 9,0 15,0 8,51
MPP 140 140 12,0 3,0 9,0 7,5 13,0 10,22
MPP 160 160 12,0 3,0 11,0 6,0 11,5 12,37
MPP 200 200 12,5 3,0 14,0 5,4 9,0 15,35
MPP 225 225 12,5 3,0 16,0 4,8 8,0 17,58