About us

         Mepos company was founded in 1990 in Yekaterinburg, Russia by a team of high grade engeneers. This team had found the technology of production of metal carcass reinforced polymer pipes having incredibly high characteristics. The development of this technology is the result of aiming at cost reduction of uranium leaching process, since it had usually required expensive titanium and stainless steel pipes. But there was a need for keeping and even improving the high characteristics of  titanium nad stainless steel pipes in the new product. In other words the mission faced by engeneers was more than ambitious - the new product should have following characteristics:

  • High enough level of durability so that the pipe could be used as a casing pipe for wellsites
  • Resistance to highly aggressive fluids
  • Longest possible service time
  • Simplicity of laying
  • Low production costs  

          The result of the research process was the metal carcass reinfirced polymer pipe (MRPP). In the year 1977 the USSR Department of Medium Engeneering started using MRPP on uranium mines in Leninobad region of Uzbekistan on the depths prior to 800 meters.

               In 1979 there happened an extremely destructive earthquake with the range of 9 points of Richter scale nearby these mines. All wellsites where MRPP had been used were not damaged significantly. They even kept their inner geometry unchanged.

            MRPP's high characteristics are resulted in the high demand levels for the product in other areas of the industry such as housing and utility infrastructure, transportation of oil, gas, alcali, acid, water and other fluids.

             The company's main priority was always the quality of the production process. That is the main reason why our products can be used for decades wich is confirmed by our customers.     

                  At this moment Mepos had layed several thousands of kilometers of pipeline for such major companies as Gazprom, LukOil, Rosneft and THK-BP.             

Mepos presentation